Since 1980, we organise riding trips in different parts of Hungary. Our  company  EQUUS Ltd. was established in 1989 with the aim to become the best . We wanted to prove that Hungary has excellent possibilities  for riding.

We have our own horse-breeding farm, with around 90 kisbéri horses. The owner of this stud is the riding-leader on these trips, proving the idea of keeping everything in one hand, from the breeding to making use of the horses for trips, competitions, as well as selling them from time to time.

These specifically Hungarian horses are bred and kept among the best conditions.They are kept together in a stud, they grow up in natural surroundings, on wide, huge pastures. János Lóska himself was a member of the Hungarian Eventing Team, which means, he takes part with most of horses in competitions, before going with them on riding trips.

On our riding trips, we offer only  the best services. We use only our own horses, because we know how important it is to have well trained horses with excellent condition. The riding-schools in Hungary are qualified by one to five horseshoes.  As we are members of this committee, who qualify the riding schools, so we know where to find the best accommodation and services.  We visit only the best and most interesting places with our guests.