Our Kisberi Horses

Our horse-breeding farm, has around 80 kisbéri horses. These noble-looking, elegant horses were bred for cavalry officers (Hussars) in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, in the beginning of the 19th century. This Hungarian horse-type, which is extremely intelligent and very easy to ride, is a very reliable and enduring partner as well on the riding trips.

They are not only perfect for leisure riding, but also achieve fantastic results on all fields of equestrian sports. The average height of their withers is 16-17 hands.

This breeding has been the most successful stud in Hungary for 12 years now.
These specifically Hungarian horses are bred and kept among the best conditions.They are kept together in a stud, they grow up in natural surroundings, on wide, huge pastures.

János Lóska himself was a member of the Hungarian Eventing Team, which means, he takes part with most of horses in competitions, before going with them on riding trips.